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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a boutique law firm that provides sound, aggressive legal representation for its clients. Since opening our doors September 2007, we have won numerous victories throughout Georgia and Washington, DC for small business owners, individuals and families in the areas of family law, civil litigation, criminal defense, juvenile law, landlord tenant, workers compensation, personal injury, and civil rights law. As we’ve grown, THG has narrowed its practice areas to family law cases with a focus on fathers’ rights, juvenile law, criminal defense, bedbug litigation, and select personal injury and civil rights cases.

  • Family Law

    Whether you are experiencing an uncontested divorce or a heated child custody battle, you need a dependable lawyer by your side. You can rely on The Hughes Group for top-notch legal services.

  • Juvenile Law

    We can handle dependency cases that involve allegations of neglect or harm caused to a child. Delinquency cases are also part of our juvenile law practice.

  • Criminal Law

    If you are facing a criminal charge, from a misdemeanor to complex felony, we can help you. We are aggressive when it comes to protecting our clients’ rights

  • Bedbug Litigation

    We are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and a host of constitutional arsenals to handle your case. We have a wide range of services to make sure we have your needs covered.

Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach

At THE HUGHES GROUP, we are client driven. That is, we actively listen to your concerns, wishes and desires to create a plan and strategy to produce the desired outcome. We value each of our clients and believe it is our honor to be trusted to handle your legal needs. In this line, we take a hands on, personal approach to legal representation.

Upon coming to our office, Attorney Hughes will personally meet with you to discuss your case and your concerns, explain how the law applies to your case, and discuss legal strategies to yield the best results for you. After we have accepted your case, you may receive an Engagement Letter which reiterates the legal approach we will take to resolve your legal dispute and outlines your homework.

That’s right, each client has homework. Why, you may ask? Because you know your case better than anyone. A lawyer is only your legal representative. Your job is to educate your lawyer on the circumstances and events that led to the legal dispute. In this regard, you may be asked to provide certain documentation like a list of witnesses, text messages, or photographs. Now, do not let this discourage you. We know that there are some documents clients may not be able to obtain like, court records, criminal history reports, or even police reports. We are very skilled in obtaining these and many more documents.

Get Started!

Get Started!

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Client Reviews

Great bulldog attorney. She’s a tiny little lady with a lot of passion.

- Former Client

Attorney Hughes is always prepared and ready for a fight. She is a tough litigator who does her homework and comes prepared for battle.

- Michelle Clark, Opposing Counsel

A wonderful firecracker of an attorney! Completely recommend!!!

- Amanda

Ms. Hughes is THE BEST IN THE LAND. She cares, she understands, and she fight for what’s right. I’ve been working with her for over a year and she’s answered every phone call and made sure I understood my case. I recommend no one other than THE HUGHES GROUP .....WE WON THE CASE AND EVERYTHING WE ASKED FOR.

- Eddrick