2009 – Contempt of Court/Abuse of Discretion

Attorney Hughes was held in contempt of court and placed in lockup for “inappropriate facial and body responses to the Court’s ruling.” The “inappropriate responses” occurred during the pendency of a deprivation case where the Court demanded a mother to provide contact information for the children’s father. Attorney Hughes was sentenced to 10 days in the county jail but was permitted to purge herself by payment of $1,000.00. On appeal, the Court reversed the judge’s ruling and held that he abused his discretion. She was reimbursed the $1,000.00 she paid and her court-appointed status was reinstated. See In Re: Ella A. Hughes, A09A0218.

2009 – Criminal Defense

Client charged with aggravated assault and damaged to property. Aggravated assault charge dismissed after self-defense plea-in-bar hearing. Client enter a guilty plea on damaged to property. Client required to pay restitution and received no jail time.

2010 – Probation Revocation Hearing

Client was accused of testing positive for marijuana while on probation. Our office challenged the drug test offered by the State through the probation officer. We argued that the probation officer could not testify as to the substance or validity of the test as she did not conduct or prepare the results nor was she familiar with the testing process. Client’s probation status was not revoked.

2010 – Criminal Defense

Client was charged with multiple counts of possession with intent to distribute (PWID). Client rejected State’s plea offer to serve 10 years in prison. After reviewing evidence against Client, our office and of- counsel representative, discussed the case with the District Attorney’s Office. The case was nolle prossed.

2011 – Deprivation/Dependency

Client’s child was immediately removed from her custody shortly after given birth. The Department of Family & Children Services (DFCS) reasoned that because the Mother had previous DFCS history, the newly born child was automatically dependent. Our office argued the circumstances that led to the previous DFCS involvement were not related nor an indication of current dependency. Mother was permitted to visit her child during this process and was reunited with her daughter two months later.

2012 – Criminal Defense

Client charged with crossing guard line to give controlled substance to an inmate. After reviewing evidence against Client, our office and of-counsel representative, discussed the case with the District Attorney’s Office. The case was nolle prossed.

2012 – Highly Contested Divorce Case With Children

Husband was considered the biological father of the minor children. It was determined during the proceedings that husband was not. Despite this, Husband continued to fight for custody. Over the Guardian Ad Litem’s report, recommendation, and testimony that Wife be awarded physical custody with Husband having only standard (4 full days per month) visitation, the Court granted Husband sole custody of the children, Mother has standard visitation, and she pays child support.

2014 – Bedbug Litigation

Case settled for $22,000.00 after Clients incurred multiple bedbug bites at a national hotel chain.

2015 – Pro Bono Contested Divorce

Abused and disabled wife attempted to represent herself in divorce case. She asked the Court to only award her custody of the children and child support. After our involvement, she was also awarded alimony, a division of her former husband’s retirement account, and payment of the marital debt.

2015 – Civil Rights Case

Case settled for $150,000.00 one (1) week prior to trial.

2015 – Personal Injury

$1,000,000.00 settlement award for multi-car automobile accident.

2015 – Criminal Defense

Client charged with speeding in school zone, driving with suspended license and expired tags. Client was facing three (3) days in jail, suspension of his driver’s license, and hefty fine. Our office successfully argued that Client was not speeding based on the location where he received the ticket in proximity to the school zone and his initial citation for expired tag was facially flawed. The case was nolle prossed. His license was reinstated.

2017 – Temporary Protective Order (TPO)

Client filed TPO against her former husband but was advised it would not be granted because there was no physical violence. After retaining our office, we interviewed all relevant witnesses and obtained supportive documentation. At the hearing, we were not only able to prove the defendant harassed Client and subjected her to abusive tactics to ensure compliance with his demands but also he harassed Client’s friends and family members. The TPO was granted.

2017 – CAR Hearing

Clients were accused of physically injuring their minor children. Their names were placed on the Child Abuse Registry. At the hearing, Department of Family Children Services (DFCS) presented evidence from the examining doctor, who diagnosed the children with being physically abused. We challenged the medical records and got the doctor to change her diagnosis. The case was dismissed and the parents’ names were removed from the registry.

2018 – Custody

Mother and her family repeatedly denied Father visitation with his children. They filed multiple false police reports, several CPS allegations, and alleged Father molested his daughter. Father initially retained a large law firm but was told he would only get standard visitation. Prior to retaining our office, Father had not visited his children in several months. Immediately after retaining our office, he was awarded visitation rights. After multiple hearings, the Court found Mother was neglect as to the minor children and failed to take actions to address their medical needs. Father was awarded temporary and permanent physical custody of his children and child support.

2019 – Child Support

Client sought child support with county child support office. That office could not locate him and therefore no action was taken for several months. Client attempted to represent herself before the superior court. Court threatened to dismiss case or transfer case to non-custodial parent’s home state. Client retained THG and we were able to get a child support order after the first hearing. Court also awarded Client attorney fees.

2020 – Custody and Child Support

Mother repeatedly denied Father’s request to visit with his daughter. Mother also rejected any conversations with our office to settle issues of visitation, custody and child support. At the temporary hearing, the Court awarded Father equal joint physical custody, final decision making authority, and attorney fees. Neither party was required to pay child support.

Client Reviews

Ms. Ella Hughes is a dynamic fighting attorney who fights for the rights of single fathers. My experience was a wonderful one and I am forever indebted to her if you are looking for legal counsel The Hughes Group is the way to go attorneys who fight for justice.

- Jarvis

Attorney Hughes is awesome! I initially hired an attorney from a big name law firm to represent me in a child custody case. The attorney sold me a dream, got paid then basically told me the best she could do for me is get me standard visitation with a very high monthly child support payment. I replaced that attorney and hired Attorney Hughes, now I have custody and the mother has standard visitation. Your case is only as strong as your representation . If you're looking for an attorney that will fight for you, Attorney Hughes is your lady. The little lady with big standing.

- Former Client

Excellent Results. Attorney Ella Hughes has handled several legal matters for me, from landlord tenant, to auto accident to speaking with admission officials at my son’s college to get him enrolled in what seemed like an impossible enrollment and she was also able to locate his financial aid that had been misappropriated, to getting a new replacement HVAC unit that was damage by a licensed contractor. Each time I have received excellent results. I will not hesitate to use her again and again and will recommend her to all my friends, associates, and passerbys.

- Elizabeth

With resistance from the other grandparents withholding contact with our grandsons, we decided to take action. We contacted Ms. Ella Hughes on March 14, 2017 regarding visitation and custody of our 3 grandsons. She explained it would be a long and hard fight, but gave us her word she would fight for us. As she gave us her word, she fulfilled it. In her tiny frame is a fighter of tremendous conviction. I was convinced during the initial consultation that she was the attorney we wanted to represent us. A decision that we today are extremely proud of making, without her we may have had a different outcome. On September 22, 2017 the judge granted us our visitations without supervision. We were also given the right to supervise our daughter’s visitations. We were very pleased with Ms. Hughes for not only winning for us, she did it in only a few short months.

- Larry & DaLonda Stahl